How-To Make Your Own Massive Wall-Sized Posters

Block Posters makes it super easy and very affordable to make your very own posters. You can even make giant wall-sized murals of your own art or favorite photograph. The only cost is for your printer ink. Another option is to take it to Kinko’s or some other print shop which makes the cost even cheaper. The website is free to use and requires no download.

You simply upload your chosen picture or photo, decide how large you want your poster to be, and the website slices it up into standard printer size. You then download a pdf with all the images. Print them all out and assemble your poster. You can mount them to a posterboard or just directly to the wall. Some of the samples I posted below go for a seamless look, but I like the versions that leave some whitespace between each printed sheet.



The sky really is the limit with a tool like Block Posters at your disposal. In fact, you could literally turn your ceiling into the sky. I think that would be a pretty cool project. Let your imagination run wild with this one.


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  1. polish power (Reply) polish power had this to say...

    damn, i’m going to make a Pam Anderson mural

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