Collection of Iconic Henry Dreyfuss Industrial Designs

Henry Dreyfuss was one of the most influential industrial designers of the 30′s and 40′s but continued to create right up until his death in 1972. One of his last creations was the Polaroid Collapsible Camera. His streamlined style was actually more about function than form which may come as a surprise. He didn’t really consider himself a stylist at all. His approach was much more scientific and utilitarian. It was really just a happy coincidence that his eye for how things should work and feel in consumer’s hands led to beautiful design.

He created Henry Dreyfuss Associates in 1929 and it continues to operate today with some of the world’s largest consumer product manufacturer’s as it’s clients. Sadly, Henry took his own life in 1972 along with his wife who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They were found together, holding hands in their car succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Polaroid SX-70


Eversharp Skyline


302 Tabletop Phone


Cast Iron and Chrome Smokestand


Streamlined Iron


NY Hudson


Iconic Thermostat


Streamlined Locomotive

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    Kudos for recognizing a true design legend

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