Infographic – The Latest Issue of Maxim Magazine Dissected

You may look at this infographic that breaks down the most recent issue of Maxim Magazine and think that I hate the men’s rag. Actually, I enjoy receiving my fresh copy every month. I look forward to the new cover girl and expect to be genuinely interested in at least one of the articles. The problem is that my Maxim Magazine enjoyment time has gotten less and less. In only 2 visits to my ‘office’ with the magazine, I was through the entire issue and basically done with it.

Space Shuttle and Kennedy Space Center Photo Collection

America’s Space Shuttle program began in 1977 with Enterprise, then in 1981 we upgraded to Columbia followed by Challenger in 1983, Discovery in 1984 and Atlantis in 1985. Then disaster struck 73 seconds into the second flight of Challenger on January 28, 1986. It would be almost 3 years before we tried again with Discovery. In 1992 Endeavor joined the fleet and has since made only 2 missions before being retired earlier this year. July 8, 2011 marks the last flight for Atlantis along with the entire Space Shuttle program.

Happy Fourth of July! Videos of American World Records

Happy Fourth of July! To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I though I’d put together a collection of videos that show just how proud us American’s are. From the world’s biggest apple pie to the world’s biggest American flag and everything in between. If it’s big and American, we got it!

Self Shot Mirror Pics You are Going to Want to See Right Now

If you’re like most guys I know, then the only reason you spend so much time on facebook is so you can look through all the pictures of girls. The duckface is played out, thank whichever god was responsible, but the selfshot pics that girls tend to take while they’re getting ready in the bathroom mirror have never been more popular. Probably thanks to that same god, who must be a guy by the way. Enjoy this collection of some very hot mirror and self shot pics. These are pretty tame compared to some I found, but should still be very satisfying.

Illustration Collection from Gonzo Artist Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman is unquestionably known for his illustrations of Hunter S. Thompson’s writings more than any other accomplishment in his long and still winding career. He has been creating works of art since the 60′s, and was a pretty straight laced fella until the very first day he met Hunter and was almost immediately given mescaline. Not only had Ralph never done mescaline, he’d never done any drugs in his entire life. The transformation that followed has unfolded on canvases and the pages of some of Hunter’s most prolific novels including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas & even a re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland.

The 300 Year History of the American Dollar in Pictures

This country has always been about the Benjamin’s, baby! For over 300 years, American’s have been trying to stack their paper. OK, that’s enough hip hop references for now.. let’s get down to the real reason you’re here. I’ve listed some of the more important landmarks in our currencies long history and included some visual references to help you imagine how our forefathers would purchase their bling. Ooops..

How-To Make Your Own Massive Wall-Sized Posters

Block Posters makes it super easy and very affordable to make your very own posters. You can even make giant wall-sized murals of your own art or favorite photograph. The only cost is for your printer ink. Another option is to take it to Kinko’s or some other print shop which makes the cost even cheaper. The website is free to use and requires no download.

Totally Boss Collection of Tricked Out Vans from the 70′s

I really can’t understand how the fad that had every guy turning his van into a rolling art canvas ever went out of style. The van is the perfect vehicle in my opinion. It has everything and the potential to be even more than we could ever hope our cars to be. I love a good old-school muscle car as much as any red-blooded American guy, but I would love to see the streets crawling with these big, bad boxes again.

Gameplay Videos from the Biggest Games Announced at E3

If you’re a video game fan, you better start saving your cheddar right now because this holiday season is going to feature a mountain of must-have games. A few days ago at E3 some of the most anticipated titles were announced along with some never-before-seen game footage being revealed. I rounded up some of the freshest videos of the hottest titles for you to check out below.

Round 2 of the World Famous Mustache or No Mustache

People have been begging me on Facebook, hounding me on Twitter and chasing after me in airports. They all wanted the same thing…. MORE Mustache or No Mustache!!! OK, none of that really happened, but here is another round of the most popular game in the history of the internet (not true either)…